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While in America the trend started as a reaction to the economic decline-after the mass redundancies caused by downsizing in the late ' 80s-and is still linked to the politics of thrift, in Britain, at least among the middle-class down shifters of my acquaintance, we have different reasons for seeking to simplify our lives.
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The test of any democratic society, he wrote in a Wall Street Journal column', "lies not in how well it can control expression but in whether it gives freedom of thought and expression the widest possible latitude, however disputable or irritating the results may sometimes be..."During the discussion of rock singing verses at last month's stockholders' meeting, Levin asserted that "music is not the cause of society's ills" and even cited his son, a teacher in the Bronx, New York, who uses rap to communicate with students.
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While warnings are often appropriate and necessary--the dangers of drug interactions, for example--and many are required by state or federal regulations, it isn't clear that they actually protect the manufacturers and sellers from liability if a customer is injured.
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The Aswan Dam, for example, stopped the Nile flooding but deprived Egypt of the fertile silt that floods left-all in return for a giant reservoir of disease which is now so full of silt that it barely generates electricity.New ways of organizing the workplace--all that re-engineering and downsizing--are only one contribution to the overall productivity of an economy, which is driven by many other factors such as joint investment in equipment and machinery, new technology, and investment in education and training.
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As a result, California's growth rate dropped during the 1970's, to 18.5 percent--little more than two thirds the 1960's growth figure and considerably below that of other Western states.Unlike most of the world's volcanoes, they are not always found at the boundaries of the great drifting plates that make up the earth's surface; on the contrary, many of them lie deep in the interior of a plate.
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David Gardner at the Motley Fool was talking to me today about their CAPS feature,Anyway, digital media, as in so many other areas, changes everything That's a lot of ticket takers, Blockbuster clerks and gaffers,Most of the meetings and most of the effort goes into honing our tactics
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The number one emotion among wild animals isn't vanity or happiness: it's fear,If you're sorry to interrupt me with that spam, don't send it Everyone is frustrated at the slow pace government is getting this done,The waiter remembered that I don't like cilantro
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Don't tell me you want to launch a line of spices but don't want to make sales calls to supermarket buyers,The money and time and effort we put into marketing goods and services actually works 0 products, they're both cheap and pretty cool,This category represents the majority of your options, and this category is what gives work a bad name
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The number of media channels available to you keeps growing,More important by far is creating a desire to share If you don't know if you're doing a science project or an art project, you'll probably emphasize the wrong elements,Well, if nothing is happening, you go first
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you have the opportunity to start down this road with what you make,I wonder if there's a more useful measure: who trusts you? That doesn't mean you have to listen to them,The flipside? A friend got into college last week
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Now, maybe the programmer of my internet radio station has to cue it up,What they are really trying to say is, it's not worth it AND, just to make sure we're in the right holiday spirit, I made a donation in your name to Aworthycause,But building thousands of blog posts over nearly a decade is a lot of investment just to sell a canoe
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The best thing to say to an artist of any kind might be, someday, people will think what you did is really important,I am interested in vintages and varietals, Then Windows arrived and the folks at Wordperfect didn't feel the need to hurry in porting themselves to the new platform,One puts a creative commons license on his shots in Flickr and they start showing up in many places, from presentations to brochures
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